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Growlers Gym | You don't want to just exercise...You want to STRONGERSIZE!!


Growlers Gym was opened in 2007, with a desire to strength train for the glory of God. It was created to provide an atmosphere that eliminates most of the worldly distractions found at commercial gyms, yet sacrifice nothing in our ability to deliver results. With all the equipment that you would normally find in todays strength training facilities, the only limiting factor to your strength gains, is your desire. We have equipment for every need. Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Strongman training, Bodybuilding, Bootcamps, and General Physical Preparedness, whatever your strength training needs are we can accomodate.

What does it mean to STRONGERSIZE? Well, simply put, we believe in making life long, lasting improvements, and helping everyone achieve those goals that may have seemed unattainable. How do we do that? Well, we provide a training style that focuses on long term results. We’re not overly focused on what the scale may say, today. But, we have a laser like focus on helping everyone gain the strength, and lean muscle, that will change their lives forever. Building muscle, not “Bulk”, is the only way to stay lean for life. If you’re tired of short lived results, and want to make life long changes.

You don’t want to just exercise…You want to STRONGERSIZE!!


Growlers Gym

  • (404) 796-1374 or (404) 319-4811

  • 298 Pineview Drive, Canton, GA 30114

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